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Soakin' It In: Sponge Harvesting in Florida

On view at the Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library, John F. Germany Branch in Tampa, FL through March 2023.

Soakin' It In explores the history of sponge fishing, growing, and sale in Florida; the exhibit also highlights Gulf Coast cities that continue to play an integral role in our state's sponge trade.

Objects on display will include sponges from FMM's permanent collection and excerpts from the Captain Blake Banks' journals and personal photographs...all rarely publicly displayed!

Organizations interested in hosting Soakin' It In as a traveling exhibit at their site may contact or call 941-708-6120.

Chart Your Course: The Technology of Maritime Navigation

This exhibit is not currently on viewOrganizations interested in hosting Chart Your Course as a traveling exhibit at their site may contact us or call 941-708-6120.

Featuring an array of nautical charts and navigational tools, the exhibit highlights key advances in maritime navigational technology and educates viewers on how sailors navigated the seas before the invention of GPS. Several objects found in the display are rarely on exhibit at the museum proper – giving viewers an exciting “insider view” of the FMM permanent collection.


An interactive component can be accessed via QR code and provides a detailed lesson plan for how novice explorers can make their own compass (using house-hold items) in the comfort of their own homes.


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