Caught in the Storm:
100 Years of Hurricanes in Florida

The indoor portion of this exhibit at the museum walks visitors through all the hurricanes that made direct contact with Florida land between the period of 1919 and 2019. The outdoor component puts flooding into context by showing just how high storm surge levels would look on our buildings.

Explore the digital component of this exhibit and join Pip the Pelican to learn about the birth of a storm, anatomy of a storm and more.

Thank you to the Bradenton Area Convention and Visitor's Bureau for supporting this exhibit. 

Cuban Ranchos
in Tampa Bay

Explore the Cuban fisherman that spent almost one hundred years on the Florida Gulf Coast. These fisherman developed thriving businesses, families, and a relationship with Florida's native population.

This digital exhibit was produced by the Florida Maritime Museum in partnership with the Florida Public Archaeology Network and the University of West Florida, Division of Anthropology and Archaeology.

Artwork courtesy of Florida Public Archaeology Network.