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Located in the historic fishing village of Cortez, the FMM exhibits highlight local fishing history from native cultures to early settlers and modern commercial fisheries.


Galleries at FMM feature displays on maritime navigation, boat building, the history of the FMM building, and the Captain Blake Banks sea shell and sea life collection..

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FMM offers robust online components to in-person exhibits and collections.

View the supplemental digital component of our temporary exhibit "Caught in the Storm: 100 Years of Hurricanes in Florida" and our stand-alone online exhibit "Cuban Ranchos in Tampa Bay" through the link above.


FMM utilizes Omeka, an online exhibition and archiving platform, to house digital versions of artifacts from our permanent collection, traveling exhibits, and the entirety of the Captain Blake Banks collection. 

The public may access our Omeka site through the link above to view our objects from the comfort of their own home.

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