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The Florida Women Behind the Everglades 

Presented by Casey Wooster, Government House Collections Assistant and former FMM Curator

“There are no other Everglades in the world.” – Marjory Stoneman Douglas, The Everglades: River of Grass (1947)

Florida women led the way when it came to protecting the Everglades in the early 1900s. At a time when women fought for the vote, women’s clubs and garden clubs led a movement to save the “river of grass.” This lecture will cover the intertwined history of Florida’s conservation and suffragette movements. Join us to hear about the leading ladies who started the drive to save the spaces of the Everglades.

Shopping for Seafood 

Presented by John Beale, former Education Coordinator at FMM

Where does Florida's seafood come from? What species are local favorites? How to spot quality at your local market? Learn the answers to these questions and many others regarding farm-raised seafood, frozen vs. fresh, and the sustainability of local fisheries.

Instructors and guest lecturers at the Florida Maritime Museum and Folk School are independent contractors or volunteers whose opinions are not necessarily those of the Manatee County Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller or Manatee County.

Please note that visitors to the Florida Maritime Museum may be photographed or videotaped during their visit. These photos/videos may be used for marketing, advertising, or public relations purposes without compensation.

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