Week 9 of Phase II of the Re-Imagination

During week 9, Jennie updated and/or created 150 entries into Past Perfect putting her at a total of 1050 objects for the 9 weeks we've been working on the Re-imagination. This week she's been focusing on the tinier specimens in the Blake Bank's Collection.

Kristin continues to paint and prep, this week it is in the new gift shop area, formerly where the Bank's Collection was located.

Jennie and Kristin are nearing the end of the physical space preparation phase of Phase II and will be starting to schedule fabricators in the coming weeks. The fabricators will be building a temporary wall near the new gift shop area as well as a built-in bookcase and built-in case in the education room.

Also, starting Monday, August 31st we welcome two new employees to FMM. We'll introduce them to you in the week 11 update.

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