Week 18 & 19 of Phase II of the Re-Imagination

As we say Happy Halloween and step into November (and a time change!) a lot of items on the Re-imagination checklist have either been completed or are nearing completion. Which means, the first stage of installation is approaching!

Snippet of Schoolhouse mural featuring yellows and blues and photos of school children from the 1900s
Snippet of Schoolhouse mural

In week 18 and 19 we finalized the mural for the exhibit "More than a Museum" featuring the history of the 1912 schoolhouse. Check out the snippet from the mural to the left. Installation of the mural will happen in week 22.

We also completed the translations for the exhibit content and will be putting final touches on the exhibit panels in the next two weeks. Then, they'll be sent off to print for installation in mid-December, the second and final installation.

Although we have finished selecting objects for the Banks exhibit, our dedicated

Photo of a FMM volunteer working with the Banks Collection which consists of seashells. She is referencing a biology book in this photo while holding a shell.
Photo of Robin, FMM volunteer

volunteers continue to come in during this time to help us identify unknown species. Robin, on the right, is a former biology teacher and has been working with the Banks collection for over 10 years! The progress that the museum has made on interpreting his collection could not have been made without her knowledge and enthusiasm.

We have a lot of preparation in the next two weeks to get ready for the first stage of signage, exhibit and gift store installation. Our next update will be during week 22 to show you our progress! We look forward to sharing some fun pictures with you then. Until then, Happy Halloween, Happy Veteran's Day, and enjoy the shift in daylight!

The permanent exhibit portion of the "Re-Imagination" project is sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture (Section 286.25, Florida Statutes) with matching funds provided by the Friends of the Florida Maritime Museum.