Week 16 & 17 of Phase II of the Re-Imagination

In the last update we shared the progress and completion of the Chickee Hut. Week 16 and 17 come with a huge project update as well!

In week 16, we received the first draft from our content writer K.C. Smith. After a few edits and additions in week 17 we are almost ready to submit the content for Spanish translation. What is the next step after receiving the translate content? To lay out the content on the exhibit panels, finalize design and then go to print!

Besides finalizing text in week 17 we also had fabricators from Benchtop LLC at the museum to start installing temporary walls. One wall was installed in the south room as the welcome entry and another was installed to divide the new gift shop and auditorium space.

Floor Plan Phase II Layout. Image depicts walls and wayfinding for new museum layout.
Floor Plan Phase II Layout

Here you can see the full phase of installation of the welcome wall. The walls were built offsite and then brought by truck to FMM. Once inside, the fabricators had to place the base (shown in the middle picture) and then align it with the floors to make sure everything was level. The last picture on the right shows the wall installed in the south room, taken from the front entryway of the museum.

Stay tuned for week 18 and 19 updates!