Week 14 & 15 of Phase II of the Re-Imagination

Inside of the new Chickee Hut roof looking up

The most exciting progress we've made in the last two weeks is the start and completion of the new roof on the Chickee Hut.

Jack C., a member of the Seminole tribe, learned how to build Chickees from his grandmother. He built his first Chickee at the age of 14 with help from his younger brother.

We are so appreciative to Jack and his team for restoring our Chickee Hut and sharing his story with us!

Jack C. preparing palm fans with nails to install

Along with the Chickee Restoration we have been continuing our work with the Blake Banks collection. In week 14, John Stevely, a local sponge expert came out to help us identify some of the more difficult to identify sponges in the Banks collection. Identifying specimens that have been preserved can be difficult as their properties and sometimes even their color changes, making it almost impossible to compare to their underwater likeness.

Jennie cleaning the net diorama

In week 15, we've been busy cleaning and clearing the south room of the museum. Due to some unforeseen maintenance, museum artifacts will need to be removed for their protection. Some objects, like the net diorama must come off of display until the maintenance issue has been fully resolved.

In the meantime, they are being lovingly cleaned by Jennie, our registrar and collections specialist, to ensure their well being.

Stay tuned for future updates!

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