Week 12 & 13 of Phase II of the Re-Imagination

In the last update we showed you some new weavings from the artist Robert Sailors that were donated by one of our neighbors in Cortez. The donor, lives in the Sailors sister's house which is how she obtained the many blinds woven by the artist.

This update, we share with you our cleaning techniques. We are rotating Sailors weavings to put new objects on display.

Note Jennie, FMM's Registrar and Collections Specialist, gently brushing every inch of the blind to remove built up dust.

This weaving, previously on display, was gently brushed and vacuumed before being carefully protected for a rest away from the light and elements that can damage textiles.

This is the weaving all packaged and ready for its slumber.

Thirteen weeks in and 20 boxes down!

In week 13, we also welcomed back volunteers. Our first volunteer, Robin, helped us weigh all the items in the Bank's Collection to prepare them for display.

In summary, over the last 13 weeks we have painted the Education room, the front entry way, and the new gift shop area. We have 20 boxes of processed collection items and provided research to the content writer. Also, we've hired two new staff members, started re-branding, and finished a wayfinding signage plan for the museum.

These items, while they take up little space with words come with a lot of preparation, planning, and implementation time.

Lastly, if you haven't seen it yet, check out our newest digital exhibit, Cuban Ranchos in Tampa Bay here.

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