Week 10 & 11 of Phase II of the Re-Imagination

Week 10 & 11 of Phase II of the Re-Imagination bring some exciting new updates!

Please welcome our two new staff members, Andrew Pressly and Karla Szekeres.

Karla Szekeres (on the right) is our new Marketing and Events Coordinator who comes to us with many years of museum experience. She most recently worked at the Bishop in Bradenton and before that was at the Oshkosh Museum in Wisconsin.

Andrew Pressly (on the left) is our new Education and Engagement Coordinator. He recently graduated with a MA in Marine Science and Oceanography and served as an Outreach scientist for the Harbor Branch Ocean Discovery Center in Fort Pierce, FL.

Besides new employees, we have been continuing work on the Bank's Collection and starting on the new Sailor's exhibit. We have completed processing the Bank's Collection in past perfect and are now starting to identify the individual specimens. The specimens in the boxes below are the ones that will not be on display. We've taken up almost an entire shelf! Approximately 150 specimens from the Bank's collection will be on display.

As we start work on the display featuring R