Week 1 of Phase II of the Re-Imagination

Week 1 of Phase II consists of A LOT of prep work. The first two rooms we are prepping are the front entry way and the Bank's room.

The top photo shows the before of the front entryway and the photo on the left shows the before of the Bank's room, which will become the new gift shop area. The Bank's Collection will be moving to the Education Room.

Step 1 is to de-install exhibits. Jennie, FMM's Registrar and Collections Specialist started by removing the tools from the front entry way. It is important when handling objects to always wear gloves to protect them from the oil and dirt on your hands that may damage them.

Don't worry all our tool lover's out there. The tools will be coming back on display in Phase III in a different location in the museum.

Next, the Bank's collection was de-installed. All the objects were measured, new photographs taken, and updates made to PastPerfect, where we catalog all of our collections.

Objects that are not going back on display immediately are re-housed in acid free boxes to ensure their protection. All objects that have been de-installed have moved to another area in the museum for their safety. The

de-installation process will continue for several weeks.

Step 2 involves prepping the front entryway and Bank's room for painting.

All affected areas were covered with Ram Board to protect the floors.

Next, all holes in the walls and cracks in the bead board were patched and sanded.

Join us next week to see what the front entryway looks like in a new color!

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