Florida Maritime Museum to Launch New Brand Identity in January 2021

Cortez, Fla. (August 18, 2020) The Florida Maritime Museum (FMM) is launching a new brand identity just before the completion of Phase II of the Re-Imagination of Permanent Exhibits.

The museum is scheduled to re-open on January 5, 2021 along with a renovated main entry-way, inter-generational education room, gift shop, and welcome area.

The museum’s current logo features large letters (FMM) with a wave and a boat. Kristin Sweeting, the supervisor for the Florida Maritime Museum, said that people have a different set of expectations for the maritime museum with the current logo. “People assume that we should have more life size and model boats,” she said. “The Florida Maritime Museum, located in the historic fishing village of Cortez, has deep roots to explore that involve the history and culture that evolves around water. We’re a maritime museum; we will of course have boats. It is just not our only focus and the new logo makes that differentiation.”