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Meet Pip the Pelican


I was born in the mangroves surrounding Cortez Kitchen, which is a part of Sarasota Bay. This is where many humans and my family find fresh seafood to eat. My home is now the Florida Maritime Museum, very close to those same mangroves. When I am not at the museum you can often see my family and I down by the docks in Cortez.


My favorite thing to do at the docks is to fly high above the water and then dive back down as fast as I can to catch fish. Sometimes I do this because I am hungry but sometimes I like to do it for fun. Don't tell my parents though, they don't like when I play with my food.


Your family eats in the morning, the afternoon and at night. My family and I only feed in the daytime. The only exception is during a full moon. 


We are also very social like you. We like to travel and when we do we travel in a V. I say a W would be better but I guess the adults know best.


When you travel with your family, how many people do you have in your group? Well, for brown pelicans, we travel in groups in the thousands. Sometimes there are so many I often lose my family members in the crowds and have to make lots of noise for them to find me. 


Usually, everyone is very nice. Once in a while, this is not the case.


Have you ever seen a brown pelican bow? This action between pelicans is not like humans. Bowing to you is a sign of respect. In the pelican world, bowing is a sign of defense.


Sometimes this is because one of us feels threatened or that we need to protect something. Don't worry though, again most of us get along fine and dandy.


Anyway, that's a little about me. Come visit me at the Florida Maritime Museum to tell me a little about you!


See you soon!

Print out and color this coloring page and turn it in to the museum and receive a prize out of our treasure chest!

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