Our school group tours are FREE of charge and can accommodate all age groups. The program lasts from 10 am–12:30 pm.

Due to limited space and staffing, the museum does require advanced notice for tour dates, and 1 chaperone per every 10 students.


To begin planning your voyage into Florida’s fishing and maritime history, please contact us at or call
(941) 708-6120
We look forward to your visit!

Note: School field trips and group tours are temporarily on hold due to the pandemic.



Bring your home school group to the museum!

In an effort to provide the best experience for our increasing home school community, the Florida Maritime Museum is pleased to offer designated home school days. Only those who are home schooling their children will be able to attend.

FMM will hold three home school days, each with its own theme. Pre-registration is required to ensure we will have enough materials for everyone.

To schedule your home school day, please contact us at or call (941) 708-6120.

Note: Home School Days is temporarily on hold due to the global pandemic.



FMM is pleased to offer an engaging educational outreach program in the form of traveling trunks. Our program was developed with a focus on Florida’s maritime history and an eye towards current standards. It can be modified as needed to suit grades 4-12.

This standards-based program includes a pre-visit worksheet, an overview with FMM staff, and use of the traveling trunk in your classroom. 

Please contact us at or call (941) 708-6120 for more information.


Marine Archaeology

This program covers the entire process of researching, locating, excavating and preserving a shipwreck and the artifacts from it. Depending on
the age group targeted, it can range from a fun hands-on activity that will help build basic spatial orientation skills and pattern recognition to an 
in-depth project spanning 2-3 weeks and involving actual research, information and database management. In either case, students learn about marine archaeology, why it is important, and a brief experiential overview of how the process works, start to finish.

“I loved the real world applications of math and the challenges that students had to solve.
Getting students to think while having fun is the key. This project does that!”

Please note that visitors to the Florida Maritime Museum may be photographed or videotaped during their visit.

These photos/videos may be used for marketing, advertising, or public relations purposes without compensation.